General terms of service and conditions for its use

These terms of use of the Service and related documents define the basis of the Internet resource, operating under the domain and the services associated with it (the “Service”) will be provided to you.

Please read these terms and conditions  thoughtfully and attentively as they are a binding legal agreement between you, our customer, and us. It is worth noting that sometimes some amendments may be made here.

You can contact us if you have any questions. To do this, we have provided the contact information below.

The Company will send messages to Clients only by email, and at the same time exactly to the one that was indicated when registering an account on the official website of JeetWin. To send the necessary information, the company will use only one email address — [email protected].

We reserve the right to make changes to the terms of use. This includes the list of documents below. You can make changes at any time. We may not inform you in advance about amendments only if they are not too important. Prior to the entry into force of the updated terms of use of the service, you will need to read and accept them. You will be notified of this in advance. It may also happen that you object to changes to the current terms of use. In such case, you must immediately stop using the service and follow the termination provisions. Since continued cooperation with the service will mean the acceptance of these changes. For rates that were not settled prior to the adoption of the updated terms, they will be subject to provisional rules.
You can return to these rules when you don’t know how to place a bet or use the service. You can do this at any convenient time. You can also contact our customer support team by emailing [email protected].

Your obligations

You agree to comply with the rules established on this service:

  1. Access to the platform tools is allowed to persons who have reached the age of majority (18 years according to the laws of the jurisdiction). The Company has the right to request documentary proof of age from the players at any time. The organizer may suspend the account and refuse to use the services until the proof that the player has reached the age of majority is provided.
  1. Gambling is prohibited in some countries. The company does not provide players with legal advice and cannot guarantee the legality of your use of the services. Participation in gambling is an indirect confirmation that it complies with the legislation of the player’s country of residence. The user independently makes the decision to use the services of the website, assuming all possible consequences.
  1. You can send money only after authorization on the site.
  1. Each player is allowed to play in the online casino exclusively personally, and the transfer of the user name and password to another person is strictly prohibited. The Internet casino has the right to freeze or close the game account at any time if there is a suspicion that the owner of the account does not manage his game account personally.
  1. No one is responsible for your loss. It was your decision, your risk, your understanding that you could lose. 
  1. You cannot refuse the bets made during the game, as a result of a conflict of interest with other participants or the administration.
  1. It is your responsibility to make all payments in good faith and not attempt to cancel a payment made by a third party in order to avoid liability for a loss. Be conscientious about the service through which you place bets while playing at the casino.

Registration process and login

Here are the steps to register at Jeetwin Casino:

  • Head to the Jeetwin homepage.
  • Click the “connect now” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Fill in the details (such as your name, username, password, email, etc.)
  • Click the register button to complete the registration.
  • Your free spins should be automatically credited to your Jeetwin account.


The administration of online casino Jeetwin guarantees that all personal data of the user will not be transferred to state institutions or other organizations. Exceptions are those cases when it will be required at the legislative level. Respecting our users’ right to gaming privacy, we give every gambler the right to opt out of receiving Casino Jeetwin emails or text messages. If there is such a need, the user of our casino can add or correct his personal data at any time. You can do this in the personal profile of Jeetwin.

Casino Jeetwin implements the necessary security policies, adheres to the rules in order to protect all of our information from any unauthorized access, modification or destruction. All employees of our casino and information processors who have access to personal data of users and those who are somehow related to their processing are contractually obliged to observe the user’s right to confidentiality. All personal data of the user will not be stored in the casino longer than it will be required according to the purposes for which it was collected.

If you wish to stop the processing and storage of your personal data for the purposes indicated above, you will need to notify us of this in any way available to you. We also ask you to take into account that stopping the process of processing and storing personal information will mean closing your profile in online casino Jeetwin. We reserve the right to make changes to the presented privacy policy, which is why you should review it regularly. In the event of a change in the purposes of information collection, we undertake to notify you as soon as possible.

Your account

Jeetwin Casino accepts accounts in multiple currencies. We do not provide credit for using the service.

The account may be closed or suspended and refunded in case of non-compliance with the conditions provided by the service. We reserve the right to suspend an account without prior notice and refund all funds. 

If any amount is erroneously credited to your account, it remains our property and upon becoming aware of any such error, we will notify you and the amount will be debited from your account.

You have the right to delete your account yourself. Send a request from the customer’s registered email address to our address [email protected].
You can set limits on the amount you can bet and lose. Such a request can also be sent to [email protected]. Limit increases or decreases will be processed within seven days of your request being submitted.

Withdrawal of funds

The client can withdraw all or part of the balance from his account within the limits of maximum transactions. The maximum withdrawal amount is specified here

You can withdraw money from the casino account only after accumulating a certain amount. Before withdrawing, you should submit an application to the club administration indicating the desired amount. There should be enough money in the account not only for withdrawal, but also for paying commissions.

You can only withdraw funds from a real account. The money received as a bonus is credited to a separate account and requires wagering. They must be used for bets in slots. If the bet wins, they will be transferred to a real account.

Before the withdrawal, the player’s account is always checked. To avoid problems, provide only reliable information when registering and notify about changes if they are necessary. The account verification period may take several days.

 All payments must be made to a debit card, credit card, bank account, or payment method used to make a payment to your JeetWin account.  

In case of problems with the transaction of funds, contact the customer support department at our address

[email protected].

Other prohibited actions


  1. Use of aggressive, offensive manner of communication, profanity, threats, humiliation of other players or employees of the company.
  1. Carry out any actions that may affect the functioning of the site.
  1. Distribution of viruses or similar malicious programs, any mass mailing of information.
  1. Distort, delete or otherwise alter any information found on the website.
  1. Hack or otherwise circumvent the security of the website. If the Company suspects that the Player is attempting to hack, access or otherwise circumvent the security system or software, the company will immediately deny the player access to the website services and block the account. The company will be forced to inform the relevant law enforcement agencies about this.
  1. The Company is not responsible for damages or losses that you may suffer as a result of a malfunction of our system caused by viruses, hacker attacks, and so on.

Errors and exceptional circumstances

In the event of an error or malfunction in our system or processes, all bets are considered void. You must notify the company immediately upon becoming aware of any errors in the Service.

In the event of communication errors, system errors, serious software or hardware errors, or viruses arising or introduced in connection with the service and payments made to you as a result of a malfunction or error of the service, we shall not be liable to you.

In the event of a malfunction of the casino system or disconnection problems, all bets are considered void. In the event of such an error or any system failure or malfunction during the game, as a result of which an error occurs in the calculation of odds, in fees, commissions, percentages, bonuses or payouts or in the conversion of any currency (if necessary) or other malfunction of the casino system (hereinafter referred to as (text “Casino Error”), we reserve the right to declare void any bets that were the subject of such Casino Error and to withdraw any amount from your Account in connection with the relevant bets.

We do our best to ensure that published lines are free of errors. However, if, as a result of human error or system failure, a bet is accepted at odds that are materially different from those available in the general market at the time the bet is placed, or is clearly incorrect, taking into account the odds of a sporting event taking place in the moment a bet is placed, we reserve the right to cancel or invalidate that bet, or to cancel or invalidate a bet placed after the start of the sporting event and refund players the money spent.

We have the right to recover the amount of the overpayment and make changes to the Account to correct any error. An example of such an error could be an incorrect price or an incorrect entry of the result of a sporting event. If there are insufficient funds in your Account, we may require you to pay the corresponding missing amount in connection with erroneous bets. 

Accordingly, we reserve the right to cancel, reduce or remove pending bets, whether or not they were initiated with funds derived from such an error.

The Company assumes no liability for any loss or damage that is deemed or claimed to be incurred as a result of the presence or absence of communication with the Website or its contents, including, in particular, delays or interruptions in the functioning of the website or data transmission; loss or corruption of data; failures in communication channels or communications; misuse of the site or its contents by any person; and any errors or omissions in the content of the Website.

License Terms

You may access a limited and non-transferable license if you comply with all of the provisions of the Terms of Service. For your personal ideas that do not have a commercial purpose, you are given the opportunity to use services that are not subject to a sublicense agreement. In the event that our agreement with you is terminated in accordance with the accepted terms, such license shall be deemed null and void.

In no event may you modify, publish, transmit, sell, reproduce, display, download, post, distribute, performing or creating derivative works other than personal content. In addition, you should not try to use the software of this service and its content in any other way. 

An exception may be the case when we ourselves allow such use. This may be by meeting or by some other method on our site. 

None of the content or information provided to you may be changed or modified. They may also not be combined with other data or published in any form. This, for example, can be screen scraping or information base of any other actions that allow you to collect, store, reorganize or manipulate such content.

If you do not comply with this paragraph, it will be considered a violation of the rights property of us or a third party. And the consequences of such actions may become criminal prosecution or civil liability.

Intellectual property

The Jeetwin name is used to carry out our business activities. The Jeetwin name and logo are registered trademarks. Any unauthorized use of our trademark and logo may result in legal action against you.

The company owns the

URL. Any unauthorized use of this URL on another web or digital platform without the prior written consent of the company is prohibited.

Given the relationship between the company and the Client, the company is the sole owner of the rights in relation to and in connection with the Service, our technology, software and business systems.

You may not use your personal profile for your own commercial gain (for example, to sell your status update space to an advertiser). Once an alias has been selected for a customer’s account, we reserve the right to remove or amend that alias as we deem appropriate.

You may not use the URL, trademarks, trade names or trade dress, or company logos ( the “Mark” ) or its coefficients in connection with any non-company products or services, which are likely to cause confusion on the part of clients or the public, or in any way put the company in a disadvantageous light.

All such rights, licenses, titles and interests are reserved solely by the company and its licensors. You agree not to use any automatic or manual device to track or copy web pages or content within the Service. Any unauthorized use or reproduction may result in legal action against you.