Jeet Win Responsible Gambling

JeetWin follows and spreads a responsible gambling policy. We have to warn that a number of players still have a risk of getting gambling addiction.

We work for our visitors to have fun, but no problems. Our platform aims to make their lives brighter, but not to burden them with a range of various difficulties. 

Bet responsibly – and enjoy safely with JeetWin. 

If you feel that something is wrong, please, contact our Customer Service for help at any time.

Responsible Gambling Rules and Tips 

Gambling is not a way to get rich, but just a form of entertainment. A dream to win a jackpot shouldn’t become a plan. Please, read these rules and tips attentively and follow them to protect your mental health:

  • Bet only with an amount you can afford to lose. Never gamble with basic needs money!
  • Don’t chase losses: new bets may cause new losses and push you to bankruptcy.
  • Set money and time limits.
  • Don’t let gambling become your only source of joy. Take care about healthy food and sleep, fitness, and work-rest balance. Pay attention to your family and friends.
  • Don’t gamble when you feel strong emotions – either joy or sorrow.
  • Gambling and alcohol are a bad duo. Some medicine can influence your mind too, so don’t gamble while you take it.

Addiction Warning Signs

Please, read the checklist of potential symptoms that can warn of a gambling problem. If you agree with 2 or more statements, refrain from gambling:

  • I always think or speak about gambling.
  • I waste more time or money on gambling than I have.
  • It’s hard for me to stop or quit gambling.
  • I’m depressed without gambling.
  • I gamble more to win back losses than to enjoy.
  • To get money for gambling I borrow, sell my things and steal/rob or think about it. 
  • I have debts and credits because of gambling.
  • I often gamble to the last.
  • To get the same gambling enjoyment, every session I need more money or time.
  • I feel too strong emotions during gambling.
  • I gamble to ease my anxiety, depression, or anger.
  • I argue with family or friends about losses because of gambling and refuse to talk or lie about them.
  • I hide bills and past due notices from others.
  • I replace my social responsibilities, including connection with family and friends, with gambling.
  • I escape my work and household duties because of gambling.
  • I thought about suicide because gambling losses caused anxiety, rage, or depression.

Get Help

If you have at least two “yes” in the previous checklist or just worry that you have a gambling addiction, reach out for help immediately. Go to the following websites for independent non-judgemental consultation:

Minors Gambling Prevention

Registration and gambling on JeetWin are prohibited to anyone under the age of 18 due to international legislation. We have reliable verification systems which successfully prevent minors from accessing JeetWin. Any misleading information will be detected, and a violator will be punished with his gains confiscation. All violator’s deposit replenishments will be returned to his bank accounts and digital wallets.

Minors Access Restrictions

Gambling may be very harmful to minors’ mental health and cause deviant behavior. Ensure you prevent your children and other younger relatives from visiting our site. 

JeetWin advises you to follow the rules below:

  • Use parental control software to block gambling sites.
  • If you share the same desktop or tablet with minors, create a personal profile for each of them and set restrictions.
  • Don’t let devices logged in gambling sites stay unattended.
  • Don’t tell bank passwords and CV codes to minors. Don’t leave your bank cards unattended.
  • Disable password saving for gambling sites in browser settings.

Parental Control

If you share devices with your children, we recommend you set up parental control to restrict their access to JeetWin. Use services of the following websites: